the White Wall Sessions




At the time of our White Wall Session, Condor was an unique Sioux Falls musical duo made up of Andy Shaw on guitar and vocals and Connor Pederson on cello and vocals. Since this recording Condor had added a third member, Mat Bartlett who adds another element to their music, with his banjo, harmonica and vocals. It fills out the sound very nicely.

They cover a lot of ground stylistically and have many great original songs as well as covering traditional, bluegrass and great, timeless rock tunes, like the Grateful Dead and The Band. They are known for their inspired arrangements within their two instrument lineup.

They also really love to play and are likely to be the last band standing at a late night party, and if you are lucky, they might pull out a Monty Python cover ! Condor released their first full length album Deep Into the Pool on halloween night at Latitude 44 in Sioux Falls.

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