the White Wall Sessions


season four, episode twenty two

season four, episode twenty two

ghostcat, ginstrings, kick and meriwether raindelay

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Bell Incorporated
Creator/Executive Producer: Jeff Zueger
Produced by: Spectrum Films
Executive Producer: Doug Taylor
Host/Musician Relations: Steve Zastrow
Co-Creator/Director of Broadcast: Dave Palmer
Associate Producer: Mike Yaeger
Producer/Web Development: Dan Shafer
Scheduling/Sales: Tom Eisner
Camera Operators:
Bill Goehring
Dan Shafer
Dave Palmer
Michael Yaeger
Jeff Zueger
Assistant to Mr. Zastrow
Cole Jordon
Web Production:
Dan Shafer
Jeff Nelson
Recording Techs:
Chad Konrad
Karl Keuser
Dave Palmer
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Chad Konrad
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Tiffany Sarah
Jeff Zueger
Copy Editor:
Sue Zueger
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