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jami lynn

jami lynn

Jami Lynn is an amazingly talented South Dakota singer/songwriter, guitar and banjo player. Originally from Corona, SD , she currently lives in Sturgis, SD. Jami is also a serious musicologist and has researched and written about the history of musicians and folksongs in early South Dakota. She has recorded three albums so far, starting with Dreamer, by Jami Lynn and the Aquila Band, featuring members of the SiouxFalls band, Snakebeard Jackson.

Next came Sodbusters, which included songs written about the pioneering efforts of her own relatives who homesteaded in South Dakota. Her latest effort is Cluck and Croon, recorded with her musical partner Dylan James.

Jami is also part of the South Dakota artists in the schools program, singing and teaching music to school children around the state, as well as being an official South Dakota Arts Council touring artist. She brings great music to a lot of people in the state.

One of the most striking thing about Jami’s white wall session was just to hear her beautiful, pure voice, sometimes soft and delicate, sometimes powerful and joyous. Jami has amazing vocal command and also took time out to demonstrate the various styles of banjo playing for the crew, which was enlightening and entertaining.

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