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dylan james

“suicidal squirrel”

“11 miles high”

dylan james

Dylan James is an outstanding flat picker who lives in The Black Hills of South Dakota. Dylan grew up in the Lead area, the son of a Black Hills miner. He is also a songwriter and writes unique high-energy songs and has an interesting voice. But the main focus is his incredible guitar playing. He is capable of playing lightning-fast, melodic runs, which always serve the song appropriately.

The night of his White Wall Session we had a very interesting conversation about how he learned to play the way he does. Dylan made an appearance at the National Flatpicking Championship at The Walnut Valley Festival in Winfield, KS last year. He is known for being the last man playing at the all night jams after festivals. Dylan also has a duo with Jami Lynn, Jami Lynn & Dylan James, and is a member of Jackson Magyar and The Lightweight Travelers.

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