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bo depeña

“change your mind”

“making my way back to you”

bo depeña

Bo DePeña first picked up a guitar at seven years old after watching some black & white footage of Elvis Presley. When he expressed his interest in music to his mom, she ran to the nearest pawnshop and bought a cheaply made nylon-stringed classical guitar. His life has revolved around music ever since.
Through his experiences living in San Antonio, Austin, and New York City – along with playing music in 10 states and over 30 cities – Bo has slowly developed his skills as a musician and songwriter.
While in Brooklyn, Bo started work on his latest project; a semi-autobiographical record of his journey from Laredo to The Big City. It mirrors his experiences with romance, career, family, and the psychological struggles relating to big-city life. While his time in New York helped him compose his music, he found that it was only fitting to record the album in his home state of Texas. He traveled home from New York, touring along the way and working out the bugs in his songs until he arrived in Central Texas.

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